Thursday, August 16

Immersed in embarrassment

Hye peeps!
I just wanna say that today turns out to be the unluckiest day throughout my whole life in school. My inability to think well and speak well results me in losing my own control. It turns out I'm not giving the person the answer she wants. The whole class display their sarcastic faces. How am I going to face them this whole two year?
I'm so dying that I wish they would have amnesia. Please forget my bad moments just now. I was having a tough time. 😥

This starts when Pn Yoges ask me what does the grandmother feels to look her own death in the eye? Confidently,I said she is frightened to die. Teacher starts showing her Really?!! Face. Then I gave her my spare answers. Her face shows it all. She's not looking for my answer. Instead,someone who sit on the back got it correct. She surely said the grandmother is fearless as she awaits of her own death. I was startled as II hea the answer . How come she knows the answer?? Am I to blundered? I am scared to face my classmates as Im very sure  everyone will downgrading me of my fault.

I need to stop stalking them in ig as this will make me feels useless. I'm really envy of them. They do speak well,instead I am here sputtered my words everywhere. Please motivate me guys! I need your support!

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