Sunday, June 23

Things That I DON'T considered as SINS

Hello BFFs!

How are you ? Its been too long since Ive written anything on my blog. Ive been so long to write. I miss writing ! AND I miss my BFFs! I miss to participate the giveaways you guys held . I miss the moments where Ive won some giveaways. Such precious moments Ive been longed for. Anyways this post is going to be kind of "Teenagers Love Talk". So, lets jump to the story.

 Ive been wondering this for so long. Can you guess what things are troubling my mind? Hihi,dont guess anymore. It'll make you wondering too. So, I had this thought inside my mind. Ive been thinking is it wrong for me to like my friend's crush? I think it's somehow is wrong since I might have been a traitor to my friend. But there's a little voice in my head saying there's nothing wrong.

So here,there's a cute guy in a class of 5GKT. His cute face make him deserve to be on my list of CRUSH. YOU guys should know this face before you guys start judging me. Im easily fall for someone, even if we just met.. :"| . I dont know, its not like I lack of parental affection or loves. Its just the desire to have someone ( could be a stranger ) to love.

Before,I liked this person, ( hes a classmate ),,, awh so embarrassing . Secretly likes your own classmates is like having an affair with your family members. Euw, disgusting*** puke -_- 
Yeah so thats how it is,now that I think about it. I liked him before for some reasons. So the reasons are : - I thought he liked me , since he always secretly glancing over me. Its the feeling tells me. ( its not like IM being full of myself, I just considered it that way. )
  - He is not like other guys.
   So what I mean by hes not like other guys is that.. he is not too easily attached to girls. And furthermore, he is very shy in front of girls.  ( doesnt have too many girls friends .. and blablabla) Panana ! Stop complimenting himm !! okayokay breathe in breathe out.. huhh ._.
- He is excellent in academic. So yeah he always ranked in top 3, where Danial is first,me is 2nd and him 3rd. and yeah we continually changed our rank each exams. Like he ranked 2nd and Im rank 3rd, the cycle continues that way.. please, Im not trying to boast or what, its just he's a rare type..

Okay, then I just got heartbroken by him. It turned out he likes my friend. ITS not only friend. He likes my bestfriend. SOBS SOBS. Can you believe a shy guy,a very high maintenance guy , a clever and excellent guy asks my bff to take photo with him? AARGH it made me so sad.. Hua, from that point, I stopped liking him. The feelings dissappear after I digest his request to my friend.

AND I searched for another guy. I want to find his replacement immediately. I just need him to get out of my mind. ( I think so much). And yeah I found my new crush. But not so long after I share this with Ellis, she told me that my new crush already had someone he likes. Ahh she just ruined the mood!

Yeah its not like I knew Ain liked him.

          Furthermore,theyre not attached to any kind of relationship.. and they dont declare anything with each other yet. So guys, keep consume your time,so I can have time to steal him. ;'))